Duluth Fact #3: It DOES get hot in Duluth

“The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in Duluth” ~ Mark Twain

Yes. Duluth is a cold place. And yes, we’ve all heard the above cheeky quote often attributed to Mark Twain. But did you know that Duluth can get hot in the summer? Real hot. As in, 88°F hot! It once even hit a whopping 91°F in 1970! Talk about hot lava.

You may be saying to yourself “Yeah. But temperatures like that only last an hour right?” Wrong! Many time these extreme temperatures can go one for one, two, and in some rare cases, three whole days. Wow!

While these large temperature swings can help to breed hardy Duluthians, managing such heat can sure be a trial of will for many people as these quotes can attest to.

“I worry on days like this that the air conditioning at the school can hold out. In this sort of heat, some of the weaker children can start dying off in as little as fifteen minutes. We’re Scandinavians here. We aren’t built for this kind of weather. ~ Janet Baker, July 26th, 1988

“I don’t even go outside on days like this. Last things I want to happen is for my car tires to end up as piles of steaming goop as I try to spin up those hills.” ~ Dusty Bjornholm, August 11th, 1997

“It is days like this where I’m willing to trade out my lake view for new development of skyscrapers on the lakefront so there can be more shadows to hide out in.” ~ Andrea Parker, July 19th, 2005

“Running the air conditioner for those three days can sometimes mean up to $10 more on my electricity bill. Not to mention is dangerous enough hauling it up from the basement to install it. I’m not sure how my family isn’t ruined from this yet.” ~ Ed Johnston, August 1st, 2008

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