10+ Lists That Duluth, MN Was Great Enough To Have Appeared On

  1. The 10 American Spots To Visit In 2015 Might Surprise You But Go There Anyway

    No actual number rating was given, but all of us in the office got a little light headed by being touched by The Huffington Post. And congrats people of Duluth! We banded together in 2015 and came out alive while being overrun by the war band of Bob Dylan fans in 2015.

  2. The Daily Beast: America’s 25 Coldest Cities

    Only ninth? Step it up Duluth. We can do better than this.

  3. The Best and Worst Cities in America to Survive the Apocalypse

    Number 7 for nuclear apocalypse survivability and number 6 for zombie apocalypse survivability. Damn Duluth, you safe.

  4. 25 Coldest Large American Cities You Should Avoid This Winter

    There we go! Moving up to number five! Good job team!

  5. Brrrr: America’s 50 coldest cities

    Number five again! Can’t you just feel the local pride flowing through your icy veins?!

  6. 10 Best Foodie Cities 2015

    Hell yeah! One more whatever color ribbon you get for fifth place for Duluth! Know how you always hear murmur on the streets about how Duluth is never recognized as a foodie city? That’s right, you don’t. It wasn’t a thing until this fact was bestowed upon the Zenith City by the grace of a list on a website. Why do think we named our former police chief after famous chef Gordon Ramsay?

  7. 30 Coldest U.S. Cities

    Alright, team. We’re starting to sputter here in fifth place. We need some hustle. Hup! Hup!

  8. Top 10 Coldest Places in the USA

    Fifth again? ARE WE EVEN TRYING HERE?! You all make me sick.

  9. Top 50 Coldest Cities in America

    Number three! WOW. That puts Duluth on the podium!

  10. 5 Worst Winter Weather Cities

    NUMBER 2! That gets us one of those big foam hands, only with two fingers on it instead of one!

  11. The 16 Best Places to Live in the U.S.: 2014

    NUMBER 1! That’s right. We’re the figurative Bob Dylan of best places to live.

    Oooh? Does that sting Houghton? You used to be so damned cocky with your larger damned lift bridge, but who is bigger now? That’s right. Go off to some dark corner and lick your fifteenth ranked wounds. Duluth #1! Duluth #1! Duluth #1!

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