Duluth Music Fans Excited For A Week Of Complaining About People Wearing Backpacks

The first week of May brings to Duluth and Superior the 18th annual Homegrown Music Festival. With it comes many traditions that have formed over its history. One of the more recent, and lauded traditions has been the annual shunning of the backpacks.

“It is such a great tradition. You go to Pizza Luce and start to get buzzed. “I need another beer!” you say to yourself and then bump into a backpack while trying to push your way to the bar. And like, instead of just skirting around it you drop everything to send off an angry tweet about that jerk! It really shows them you know?” ~ Julia Blacksmith, Homegrown Veteran

To get some fresh insight into the tradition of angry tweets about backpacks, Duluth Facts recently spend the day at the University of Minnesota Duluth interviewing students who will first be attending Homegrown in 2016. Some are eager to be offended, such as John Swensson, a Junior of Exercise Science.

“I’m so stoked. I’ve been watching angry tweets about people wearing backpacks to shows since 2012. A year that I consider to be the pinnacle in backpack anger. I finally turned twenty-one last fall and this will be my first Homegrown where I can participate in getting angry about backpacks first hand. I already have a handful of snarky tweets already typed up on my phone that I can send out at the first offense. I expect that the shows at Grandma’s Sports Garden on May 3rd is when I get to post most of them. My comments are so clever that people won’t be able to not retweet the sh*t out of them when they drop. ~ John Swensson

Some students, such as Erik Ahlstrom have a differentiating opinion.

I used to not be able to wait about anger tweeting about people wearing backpacks, but now I’m not so sure what will happen. Once I started to think about it, I figure maybe it is useful to have a way to shuttle your personal goods from venue to venue for seven days. I mean, the weather at the end of April in Duluth is pretty unpredictable and it can get really cold outside. Not having a sweater of jacket that would be too warm while in a venue might be handy as people need to move from venue to venue. Maybe it makes sense to have a place to store some heavier clothing?

I’ve come up with a view a few good zingers already in my head such as “Look at this fool at the Red Mountain show who thinks he is a god damn denim Ninja Turtle!”, but I think I’ll need to experience the event first hand before I decide if I’m going to join the conversation on the side of backpackers or not.

Homegrown Music Festival runs May 1st to May 8th, 2016. Tweet all of you best backpack love or hate at #hgmf16.

Cover Photo: zoë biggs CC BY 2.0

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