5 Very Duluth Things That Should Be Renamed To Honor Bob Dylan

Now that Duluth’s native son Bob Dylan has achieved the unthinkable and has won a Nobel Prize, we here at Duluth Facts think it’s time for the city of Duluth to step up its game in naming things after Bob Dylan. Here’s a list of suggestions to help us along with turning the Zenith City into the Zimmerman City.

1. Enger Tower

Standing tall on the Duluth skyline is Enger Tower. It bears the name of Duluth businessman Bert Enger who paid for the surrounding park.

But was Bert born in Duluth and have a Nobel Peace Prize? Don’t think so. Thus, Enger Tower should be renamed to All Along The Watchtower Tower in honor of Bob Dylan.

2. The Aerial Lift Bridge

Old Lifty

It’s almost certain that Bob Dylan chose to incorporate the harmonica into his music is so he could use one of those Lift Bridge-shaped harmonica holders to always remind him of where he was born.

Bob Dylan With Lift Bridge Harmonica Holder

Much like how the Aerial Lift Bridge lifts its bridge so Duluth can send goods out to the world, Bob Dylan’s harmonica holder lifts his harmonica to help him send his music out into the world while performing live.

Thus, we suggest that Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge be renamed to Bob Dylan’s Great Harmonica Holder in honor of Bob Dylan.

3. The Duluth Segment of I-35

I-35 in Duluth

While Bob Dylan Way may occupy some of the roads that used to be designated Highway 61, it’s long overdue to bring a Highway 61 back to Downtown Duluth. Thus, Duluth should redesignate the Duluth segment of I-35 as Highway 61 Revisited in honor of Bob Dylan.

The beauty of the Viking-themed tunnels should honor Duluth’s greatest hero. For Highway 61 and Bob Dylan Way to sit side by side like king and queen in a throne room would truly deliver the respect he’s deserved.

4. John A. Blatnik Bridge

Spanning from Duluth Minnesota to Superior Wisconsin, the John A. Blatnik Bridge (aka “High Bridge”) serves as an essential pathway for people traveling between the two cities and has been covered by millions of people since opening in 1961.

Twelve years after the Blatnik Bridge opened, Bob Dylan bestowed Rock Me Momma on the world – a tune whose chorus would soon come to be known as Wagon Wheel. In a stunning display of popularity since, Wagon Wheel has been covered by enough musicians that we aren’t sure which has been covered more – Wagon Wheel, or the span from Duluth to Superior that the Blatnik Bridge crosses.

Thus, The John A Blatnik Bridge should be renamed to The Bob Dylan “Rock Me Momma/Wagon Wheel” Bridge in honor of Bob Dylan.

5. Former Duluth Mayor Don Ness

After eight years as Duluth Mayor with a stunning approval rating around 90%, and being the first mayor in Duluth to run unopposed for reelection since 1887, it’s obvious that Mr. Ness was one of Duluth’s most successful mayors. If any person was to be renamed to honor Bob Dylan, it really should be a man of his stature. So, to honor the success of Bob Dylan as one of the world’s leading musicians, former Duluth Mayor Don Ness should be renamed Bob Dylan.

Photo Credits

Randen Pederson – High Bridge – (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Pete Markham – M/V Atlantic Erie enters the Duluth Harbor und the Aerial Lift Bridge – (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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