Mt. Dew To Introduce New Duluth Themed Flavor

As of lately, companies love using Duluth for their craziest of promotional ideas. From the thirteen hour commercial that Arby’s aired back in 2013, to the air dropping of Doritos earlier this week at Bayfront Park, Duluth has indeed taken center stage in the world as the go-to place for place for multi-million dollar corporations to advertise their new products in grand ways.

Upping the ante this summer will be Mt. Dew as they release a special Duluth only flavor of their popular soda named Chester Creek Crusher.

“We believe that Charles Chester would have loved this flavor had it been available in 1857 when he first settled along the creek.” Mt. Dew spokesperson Ron Peterson stated.

To launch this new Mt. Dew product on the grandest of scales, the company plans to work with the Army Corps of Engineers to block off the current flow of Chester Creek. Then, on one very special summer day, they will pipe in thousands upon thousands of gallons of Chester Creek Crush to flow in the creek’s place.

“It will be an amazing spectacle for fans of Mt. Dew, and the people of Duluth as Chester Creek will flow bright green with our new flavor of Mt. Dew,” Peterson states. “People will be encouraged to bring their own bottles and cups to sample as much of Chester Creek Crush as they can as it makes it’s heroic journey to join with the fresh waters of Lake Superior. We really hope to put the Dew, back in Dewluth!”

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