Mystery Photo #1: A Friendly Man

One of our loyal Duluth readers Maria Nieminen recently sent us this photo of a well-dressed, handsome man she found in her parents’ attic to see if we had any information on it. Despite being one of the top Duluth Fact authorities in the great state of Minnesota, we didn’t have any answers for her. So for help we turn to our internet audience.

The back simply has the following written on it:

J.F.K. Duluth 1963.

We speculate that J.F.K. could be this man’s initials, but can’t be certain. Doesn’t help that the photograph is in black & white, but He does appear to have been quite the friendly man! Perhaps someone out there in our reader base can recognize this man.

It is also worth trying to figure out where in Duluth this was taken. Judging by the angle of the light, we are thinking maybe somewhere out in Gary? Again, we’re not sure. No one on the Duluth Facts staff has ever been to Gary, but we assume it was the heart of the hustle & bustle of Duluth in the 1960s.

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  • David

    That is in front of the Greysolon plaza in downtown Duluth. You can see the marquee of the Northshore theater just to the left of JFK. That Marquee is still there to this day.